Hire an In-house remote team in Poland

Do you want to hire a remote team, but don’t accept outsourcing and are not ready to open a branch? We have a solution for you!

Poland is your dream country to hire IT professionals due to:

  • In Poland, you may create an IN-HOUSE remote team with no subsidiary and no third parties involved. A miracle? No – opportunity!
  • Liberal set of law regulations that makes the Polish IT market one of the most attractive to hire IT experts
  • Top hiring conditions based on safe and flexible B2B contracts with sole traders
  • Poland is ranked 13th worldwide and classified as a country with Very High English proficiency by EF.com
  • Polish Developers are ranked 3rd worldwide for their software development skills by HackerRank and SkillValue

At Winged IT, we recognize remote recruitment's unique opportunities and challenges and have tailored our services to address these. We leverage our intimate knowledge of the IT landscape in Poland to curate a pool of the right candidates for your in-house remote team.

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What is an in-house IT remote team recruitment?

An in-house IT remote team recruitment, specifically in Poland, is a strategic approach where your company partners with top-notch Polish IT talents.

These professionals are employed as sole traders on B2B contracts with you, which gives you the advantages of cost reduction, flexibility, and access to a high-quality talent pool.

It eliminates overhead costs associated with traditional employment and maximizes efficiency.

This model is particularly compelling in Poland due to its liberal and attractive regulations for B2B contracts between IT specialists and companies, making it a lucrative option for businesses seeking growth and innovation.

Who should consider an in-house IT remote team from Poland?

  • Fast-growing startups and scale-ups:

    Startups experiencing rapid growth will benefit from the direct hiring of remote IT specialists from Poland. The ability to scale up quickly and efficiently meets the dynamic needs of these companies.

  • Tech SMEs:

    Small to medium-sized enterprises in the tech sector striving to enhance their technical capabilities without escalating costs will find value in this approach.

  • Companies in high-cost regions:

    Businesses operating in regions with high operational costs can reduce expenditures by hiring competent, cost-effective Polish IT specialists.

  • Organizations seeking high English proficiency and IT skills:

    If you prioritize effective communication and high IT competence, you will find immense value in building your in-house remote team in Poland.

  • Firms needing specific skill sets:

    Companies requiring niche technical skill sets can benefit from the specialized expertise available in the Polish IT market.

  • Organizations seeking 24/7 operations:

    Businesses needing continuous IT support can leverage different time zones with a remote team in Poland for round-the-clock operations.

Get all the information about effectively hiring your in-house remote team of IT specialists from Poland. Speak to us to learn if your regulatory body is fine with this model.

Reasons for in-house remote teams

Cost oriented reasons:

  • Cost-effective:

    Compared to IT outsourcing, direct hiring can be more cost-efficient as you only pay for the work done and not for the management overhead.

  • Sole proprietorship benefits:

    Utilizing this model means fewer liabilities for the company, as the IT specialists are responsible for their own businesses.

  • No need for local presence:

    You don't need to establish a local branch or subsidiary in Poland, reducing administrative work and costs.

Control and security reasons

  • Control and management:

    With direct hiring, you have complete control and direct management over the IT team, ensuring project deadlines are met effectively.

  • Confidentiality:

    Directly hired IT professionals have a greater degree of accountability due to a B2B Contract that gives you more options to secure your business than a full-time employment agreement.

  • Direct communication:

    Working directly with your remote team reduces miscommunication and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

People-oriented reasons

  • Stability & loyalty:

    Direct hiring provides a stable team working continuously on your project, ensuring consistent quality and progress. Software engineers and other IT specialists prefer engagement directly with the product companies without intermediaries like Software Outsourcing companies.

  • Building long-term relationships:

    Direct hiring facilitates establishing long-term relationships with IT professionals, which leads to mutual understanding and improved work efficiency.

  • Low turnover:

    Directly hired employees tend to have lower turnover rates than outsourced teams.

With an in-house remote team in Poland, you have

  • No local subsidiary cost: No necessity to establish a legal entity in Poland - local regulations allow the hiring of self-employed professionals from anywhere in the world.
  • Minimal legal formalities: Elimination of intricate legal formalities of hiring.
  • Low Human Resources Costs: No requirement for an HR department.
  • Minimal travel expenses: No need for travel and accommodation costs for employee meetings.
  • Possibility to choose between working in the office, hybrid, or remote.
  • Handle no payroll: No need to manage payroll and benefits.
Ready to discover the Polish IT talent pool?

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Our comprehensive IT recruitment solutions at a glance

Boost your team quickly, exactly when required, and to the extent you need. Our customized and swift recruitment of remote IT teams ensures every new member aligns seamlessly with your specific business requirements and organization goals. We are adept in effective recruitment and modify the process to fulfill your needs.

Address your unique staffing requirements with our experience in IT recruitment and executive search. We only recruit the right fit, from Software Engineers and DevOps, thorough Project Coordinators and Quality Assurance Experts, to team leaders and executives, both within Poland and on a global scale. In addition, we also source top-notch candidates from fields closely related to software development like Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

Minimize the danger of unsatisfactory hires. Benefit from our model that allows you to evaluate and test our IT professionals within your work scenario, with the option to fully integrate them upon successful completion of a probation period. This guarantees a perfect match for your needs. Begin with a contract/staff augmentation model via our firm, and at your convenience, you can permanently hire selected candidates who have demonstrated exceptional value.

If you're on a quest for a trusted IT recruitment agency in Poland, but feel unsure about the hiring landscape, recruitment procedures, or the right choice between permanent recruitment, body leasing, or team augmentation services, don't hesitate to reach out to us. With our seasoned guidance, you can navigate the complexities of the IT industry and recruitment processes in Poland and Central Europe.

Experience the convenience of building a powerful and dedicated IT team based in Poland without the necessity of physical movement or establishing a subsidiary in the country. Our service ensures seamless integration and consistent support, guaranteeing optimal productivity, effective communication, and team collaboration. Leverage the well-known technical prowess of Polish developers while preserving the flexibility of your operations.

Unlock access to the pool of IT talent in Poland with our In-House Local IT Branch Recruitment Service. We streamline the recruitment process of top-tier Polish developers and assist in establishing your domestic branch. From administrative responsibilities and IT recruitment within Poland to choosing an ideal location and securing the perfect workspace, we manage all aspects, allowing you to concentrate on your primary business operations.

Acting as a technology-neutral recruitment firm, we aid in assembling variable teams with an expansive spectrum of technological skills. Whether you need expertise in mainstream fields like JavaScript, .NET, Python, or Java or specialty areas like Acumatica, Solidity, or AI development, our extensive talent pool ensures your varied tech requirements are efficiently catered to.

We are the leading IT recruitment agency in Poland, providing risk-free guarantees

  • Zero initial investment:

    Try our unparalleled recruitment service without any up-front costs. Unless we successfully place the perfect candidate in your company, you pay nothing. This no-risk policy ensures that your investment is linked only to concrete results.

  • Three-month guarantee:

    Our commitment to quality extends beyond the recruitment process. Once you've hired a professional from us, you're protected by a three-month assurance period. If there are any issues during this time, we'll recommence the search for suitable candidates without any additional charges. It's our way of showing that your success is our priority.

Reasons to partner with us

We communicate in terms you understand

We have assisted over 50 clients from four different continents to secure the most competent and cost-effective tech talents. We grasp the needs of CXOs from tech firms, SMEs, rapidly expanding startups, and scale-ups.

Asistance with administrative, regulatory, and legal hurdles

We offer more than just IT recruitment services. Our expertise extends to providing assistance or advice on administrative, regulatory, operational, legal, and real estate challenges that can arise during the hiring process.

Proficiency in Poland's IT sector

Our services, since 2017, have successfully placed thousands of candidates, predominantly from Poland, though we also have a foothold in other Central and Eastern European markets. Our in-depth understanding of this region is our strength.

More than just a service, we are your trusted recruitment partner

Our clients involve us in projects of varying scales, but all retain our services in the long run and enjoy comprehensive support in talent management. We adapt our services to your changing scenarios, making us a truly flexible partner in your growth journey.

How does our recruitment company work?

What makes us the right recruitment partner for your software engineering and tech talent needs?

At Winged IT, we have a proven six-step IT recruitment process that ensures we provide the best tech talent to our clients:

We kick off proceedings with an in-depth consultation with you, our client, where we gain a holistic understanding of your business, its ethos, and specific HR necessities. Our aim is to entirely grasp the technical demands of the position and the interpersonal skills required to blend seamlessly into your team.
Our expansive network, along with our robust social and online footprint, grants us access to a substantial pool of both active and passive candidates. We capitalize on our partnerships (like Polish Tech Headhunters Link) and various platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, job boards, and forums to identify potential candidates.
Once we have a roster of potential candidates, we launch into a rigorous screening process. We eliminate approximately 50% of applicants after resume evaluation and another 30% following our interviews, which involve a detailed exploration of their historical experiences and abilities. At this stage, we do not conduct a comprehensive technical test, prioritizing instead the hunt for the perfect fit for your organization.
We carefully handpick and introduce only the elite 20% of applicants who have effectively navigated our screening process. You are then free to further evaluate their technical competencies and conduct your own discussions to reach your conclusions.
We want to highlight that it’s a good practice for clients to administer a technical evaluation and a follow-up interview with the candidate. Therefore, we are transitioning the top-tier job applicants to you for your confirmation at this point.
Once your decision has been made, we persist in providing support during the integration phase to ascertain the new additions blend into your team flawlessly. Our dedication lies in ensuring a hassle-free recruitment journey and fostering enduring relationships with our clients.
If required, Winged IT assists with bureaucratic procedures, relocation coordination, and more.
Who can recruit with Winged IT?

Who can you source from us?

Thanks to our expansive pool of IT professionals in Poland and a thorough comprehension of the tech sector both locally and across Eastern Europe, we are your reliable partner in sourcing a wide array of IT talent from Poland. Whether your need is for an individual specialist or the establishment of a dedicated in-house remote team, we have the solution. Here's a quick overview of the roles and technical skills you can acquire through our IT recruitment agency in Poland:

  • Software Developers (Front-ends, Back-ends, Fullstacks)
  • Data Scientists, Data Analysts
  • Cybersecurity Consultants
  • AI & Big Data Experts
  • R&D Researchers
  • Aerospace & Robotics Professionals
  • Embedded Engineers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Testers and Quality Assurance Specialists.

Executive search

Upon securing your technical requirements, an equally challenging aspect is introduced –  the search for leadership roles. These roles require not only familiarity with coding languages but also competency in soft skills, management, and team development. We're here to assist you in sourcing suitable candidates for:

  • Team leaders
  • Managers
  • CxOs (for startups and branches)
Winged IT search for people with knowledge of programming languages and soft skills
Work with an IT Recruitment Agency tat knows your industry

Work with IT recruitment agency that knows your industry

Our clientele is diverse, spanning a broad spectrum of sectors. Our partnership thrives on bilateral communication and comprehension, ensuring that we grasp the intricacies of your niche and business realm. We're dedicated to providing recruitment solutions that address and alleviate your IT and software development concerns.
  • IT
  • Fintech
  • AI, VR, IoT
  • Gaming
  • eLearning
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Banking
  • Telecom
  • Media
  • Engineering
  • eCommerce
  • Internet
  • Robotics
  • Logistics
  • Online gambling
  • Energy

Don't let recruitment slow you down. Attract top IT talent from Poland faster and more efficiently with our expert help.

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Flexible models of cooperation. Check our other services


Building an in-house remote IT team from Poland is a strategic and cost-effective solution that enhances your company's technological capabilities. The process involves direct recruitment in Poland or partnering with a reliable IT recruitment agency in Poland, such as ours, to tap into the pool of top-notch self-employed IT professionals working on a B2B contract basis.

This model offers numerous advantages, including high standards of security and IP protection that often exceed those of regular employment agreements. Furthermore, it provides remarkable economic benefits by eliminating the overhead costs associated with traditional employment and the complexity of establishing a branch in the country.

To have it all, you do not need to establish a local subsidiary or branch. Our expertise in leveraging Poland's popular B2B IT contracts guarantees a smooth recruitment process and a seamless integration of skilled Polish IT specialists into your business. What is crucial is that Polish self-employed persons (sole traders) may work for just one company for many years (which distinguishes Poland from most Western countries). 

This approach not only strengthens your IT capabilities but also aligns with the dynamic needs of the modern digital marketplace. Contact us to learn more about building your in-house remote IT team in Poland and start getting benefits ASAP!

The most popular and attractive method of contracting IT specialists in Poland is through Business-to-Business (B2B) contracts. These contracts are typically formed between your company and the specialist's own registered enterprise (usually as a sole trader / self-employed professional). This system offers flexibility and is mutually beneficial. For IT professionals, it, first of all, means much lower taxes and higher net income. For your company, it ensures access to a pool of skilled specialists, streamlined logistics, and potentially lower costs compared to traditional employment agreements. Please note that while this model is common and preferred by many IT professionals in Poland, it's important to ensure all contracts adhere to the local laws and regulations that are well-known to us.

Contact us to learn more about the best practices of contracting IT specialists in Poland.

Sole traders / self-employed IT specialists in Poland are highly skilled professionals who operate their own registered enterprises. They offer their services to companies on a contract basis, accepting more responsibility than full-time employees are obliged to have according to labor law. This model is particularly popular due to Poland's attractive tax system, which allows these professionals to optimize their income effectively. Additionally, working with self-employed IT specialists can provide economic incentives for your company. By collaborating with these professionals, your company can access a pool of top-tier IT talent in Poland without incurring the overhead costs associated with traditional employment. This efficient and cost-effective model aligns seamlessly with the dynamic needs of modern businesses, making Poland an attractive destination for building your remote IT team.

Please note this is the most popular model of cooperation among Polish senior IT specialists. Contact us to learn more about self-employment in Poland and the most effective ways to hire Polish programmers.

The best resource for staying updated about the Polish IT industry is our dedicated website, Do IT in Poland. At Winged IT, we are not just about recruiting top IT talent; we are also passionate about promoting our country, sharing knowledge, and educating on all aspects of the IT landscape in Poland. Unlike many other media, Do IT in Poland only focuses on the Polish Tech market. The website covers a broad range of topics, from the latest industry trends and insights to in-depth analyses, offering valuable intelligence for anyone in search of top-notch IT professionals who are attractive budget-wise as well. We strive to provide limited only to the most important for foreigners and reliable information that will help you make informed decisions. In short, Do IT in Poland is your go-to destination for all things IT in Poland.