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Enhance your IT capabilities with our IT Outsourcing & IT Staff Augmentation services

Are you looking for the most flexible model of securing IT professionals for your project with world-class specialists?

IT outsourcing is an effective strategy for companies aiming to boost their technological prowess without the burden of full-time hiring. With IT outsourcing, you can access a pool of top-tier Polish programmers and IT specialists adept in the latest technologies.

  • reduce recruitment risks
  • accelerate project completion
  • optimize costs
  • scale up and down your team

The attractive proposition for SMEs and startups.

Focus on your core competencies while we deal with IT staffing, improving your business efficiency.

What do you get with IT Staff Augmentation?

Our IT Staff Augmentation and IT Outsourcing services offer a comprehensive solution for your technological needs. You gain:

  • access to a talent pool of seasoned Polish programmers and other Tech professionals, who are:
    • well-versed in cutting-edge technologies
    • ready to integrate into your projects
  • specialists with high English proficiency
  • hassle-free recruitment, reducing the risk of poor hires, and accelerating your project timelines
  • the flexibility to scale the team as per your needs, ensuring optimal cost-efficiency

Moreover, our outsourcing solution includes a Try&Hire option, empowering you to take over selected contractors when required. So, you not only achieve superior project outcomes but also enhance your in-house capabilities over time.

The process overview: IT Staff Augmentation and IT Outsourcing services

Embarking on a journey with Winged IT as your IT staff augmentation partner is a straightforward and efficient process. We have designed a simple yet comprehensive procedure to ensure the seamless integration of top-notch Polish IT professionals into your projects.

  • Scope definition:

    We begin by understanding the scope of your project and identifying the key roles, responsibilities, and skill sets that are crucial for success.

  • Talent requirements:

    Based on the project's scope, you and we define the talent requirements, focusing on the working culture, the specific technical skills, and the seniority levels needed.

  • Budget requirements building:

    We work with you to understand your budget constraints and structure a cost-effective solution that aligns with your financial parameters. We provide you with free-of-charge consultancy on salaries in Poland and deliver the monthly or hourly rates you need to allocate to get talent from our country.

  • Acceptance, pivot, or stop:

    After agreement on the scope, talent, and budget, we proceed further or modify the plans based on your feedback. You have full right to stop the process anytime.

  • Selection of candidates or Headhunting from the market:

    Leveraging our extensive network, we source the best candidates or headhunt the right talents from the market that fit the requirements.

  • Interviews with the candidates:

    We facilitate and/or organize interviews between you and the shortlisted candidates, enabling you to assess their skills and cultural fit.

  • Start of the services:

    We commence our services upon your approval, and the selected professionals join your project. In most cases, the process lasts less than 2 months, ensuring rapid deployment of resources.

Less than 2 months*

Average time is needed since the scope definition to our candidate joining your team.

Through the process, we ensure that you hire the best Polish programmers and IT specialists who are not just technically proficient but also align with your organizational culture and project needs.

Our guarantees:

We minimise your risk which makes us the desired IT outsourcing and Body Leasing agency in Poland:

Try & Hire model

Our Try & Hire model is designed to give you maximum flexibility and safety. If our contractor becomes important to you for any reason, you may take over that person anytime and employ him/her directly, paying us the agreed fee. It's a risk-free way to ensure that only the best professionals, who perfectly match your needs, join your team.

Guarantee that the candidate will stay within your project

Once we deliver a candidate for you, we NEVER change the project for them. There are three options to change it:

  • you take over the candidate to your team within Try & Hire model
  • you decide to stop cooperating with the candidate
  • the candidate resigns

You accept candidates that fit your vision

We place paramount importance on your judgment. Our comprehensive IT Staff Augmentation process culminates with your approval, ensuring you have the final say in the candidate selection.

Ready to discover the Polish IT talent pool?

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We will staff all IT positions you desire.

How do you know that we are the right IT Outsourcing Company for your IT project and provide you with the best tech talents?

Leveraging our extensive network of Polish programmers and profound insights into the IT sector here and in Eastern Europe, you can trust us to source a wide range of tech talent from Poland. Whether your need is for one specialist or the creation of a dedicated team, we have the solutions. Here's a snapshot of the roles and technical competencies you can secure through our IT staff augmentation agency:

  • Software Developers (Front-ends, Back-ends, Fullstacks)
  • Data Scientists, Data Analysts
  • Cybersecurity Consultants
  • AI & Big Data Experts
  • R&D Researchers
  • Aerospace & Robotics Professionals
  • Embedded Engineers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Testers and Quality Assurance Specialists.

Staff Augmentation of Managers and Project Leaders? No problem!

When, besides Tech specialists, you also need people who will lead the team, Staff Augmentation may also be a solution. Especially if you need experienced managers for a defined period or your organization has just started its business adventure. Remember that you may always take over Winged IT’s contractors later. We are here to help you to deliver qualified candidates for:

  • Team leaders
  • Managers
  • CxOs (for startups and branches)
We are Winged!

Meet our chosen team members

Offer for those requiereing bigger teams; starts from 10 specialists, 1 team lead, 1 backup specialist. Our service provides you with a comprehensive IT team of at least ten top-tier Polish professionals fully prepared to drive your project forward.

Along with this dedicated team, you also receive an experienced Team Lead, effectively managing the team for optimal project execution.

We can also assign a backup professional who stays updated with your project to ensure seamless continuity when required. This professional is always ready to step in and swiftly cover any unexpected absence, ensuring your project never experiences downtime.

Get bigger team

Offer for those requiring bigger teams; starts from 10 specialists, 1 team lead, 1 backup specialist. Our service provides you with a comprehensive IT team of at least ten top-tier Polish professionals fully prepared to drive your project forward.

Along with this dedicated team, you also receive an experienced Team Lead, effectively managing the team for optimal project execution.

We can also assign a backup professional who stays updated with your project to ensure seamless continuity when required. This professional is always ready to step in and swiftly cover any unexpected absence, ensuring your project never experiences downtime.

Work with an IT Outsourcing agency that knows your industry

Our clients represent a long list of industries. Our cooperation is based on mutual understanding and dialogue, so it is almost certain that we understand your niche and business domain, and we will provide recruitment services that will solve your software development and IT challenges.

  • IT
  • Fintech
  • AI, VR, IoT
  • Gaming
  • eLearning
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Banking
  • Telecom
  • Media
  • Engineering
  • eCommerce
  • Internet
  • Robotics
  • Logistics
  • Online gambling
  • Energy

When to choose IT outsourcing and IT staff augmentation instead of IT recruitment?

Discover the strategic advantages of IT outsourcing over permanent IT recruitment when it suits your company's circumstances. We offer flexible talent sourcing models designed to align with your exact business needs and current situation.
  • Startups seeking rapid growth:If you're a fledgling company looking to scale quickly, it's often more efficient to outsource IT tasks rather than going through the lengthy process of permanent IT recruitment.
  • Projects with short lifespan:Outsourcing is perfect for organizations that require IT expertise on a project basis, making it unnecessary to hire full-time, permanent staff.
  • Budget constraints:For companies operating with limited funds, outsourcing IT staff can offer considerable savings compared to the costs associated with permanent employees.
  • Access to global talent:SMEs seeking access to top tech talents globally, particularly Polish programmers, would benefit from IT outsourcing.
  • Business expansion:Companies planning to expand their operations and break into new markets could use outsourcing to quickly establish an efficient IT infrastructure.
  • High turnover rates:Businesses experiencing high turnover in IT positions can mitigate the instability by outsourcing their IT department.
  • Lack of in-house expertise:Firms lacking the necessary in-house IT competencies often choose outsourcing as a more efficient solution.
  • Risk management:Companies looking to decrease the risk of missed and poor recruitment may opt for IT outsourcing with a reliable partner.
  • Operational efficiency:Companies needing to streamline operations and focus on core business functions often prefer IT outsourcing.
  • Technological advances:Firms wanting to stay at the technology forefront without the cost and time of training permanent staff can benefit from outsourcing IT professionals who are already well-versed in the latest technologies.
  • Absence of market presence:Outsourcing IT offers swift market entry with less red tape and logistics. Partnering with us provides you with immediate access to top Polish IT talents, reducing risk and ensuring top-notch quality, thus saving time and resources.

Why choose us

Since 2017, we have delivered thousands of candidates, mostly from Poland, but we are efficient in other Central and Eastern European markets. We know this region thoroughly.

Our clients get help in IT outsourcing and IT staff augmentation services, but we also support you, consult, or take away administrative, legal, regulations, operational, and real estate responsibilities.

We helped over 50 clients from 4 continents to find the best and most affordable tech talents. We understand the needs of CXOs from tech companies, SMEs, fast-growing startups, and scale-ups.

Our clients start with us with smaller and bigger projects, but all stay with us for a long time and get 360-degree support with talent management. As your situation changes, we adjust our service to your needs.

We are technology-agnostic. Our approach allows us to deliver top-notch professionals skilled in a vast array of technologies. Whether you're seeking experts in AI, cloud computing, data analysis, or any other tech field, we can swiftly build and augment your team.

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Our primary goal is to maintain a business model that is both cost-effective and beneficial for our clients, allowing them to make substantial savings on their IT projects.

Unlike many software houses, we do not maintain a 'bench' of developers without projects, thus eliminating unnecessary overhead costs that would need to be covered. We will search for appropriate candidates in the Polish market – this ensures that you will receive from us the candidates best suited to your expectations, not those who are currently available on the bench. 

We pride ourselves on our extensive network and understanding of the Polish programmer market. Our hyper-efficient recruiting team can swiftly identify top candidates and arrange meetings with our clients within a one to two-week timeframe. The subsequent two weeks are dedicated to your interviews with the candidate and making a decision while the final four weeks account for the developer's notice period to become available. This streamlined process ensures that you get the best IT talent as quickly as possible, thereby reducing project delays and maximizing productivity.

We pride ourselves on very competitive rates in all of our cooperation models. This includes our IT Staff Augmentation service. In this area, we work on a simple and fair margin basis. The rate for the client is calculated very simply: our cost of employment of a given Tech professional plus agreed markup. In many cases, when no additional services or SLA/KPIs are required, both amounts are known to the client.    

This is a stark contrast to typical software houses, which operate on much higher margins and don't want to disclose their personnel's salaries. Our commitment to transparency and fair pricing sets us apart and ensures that you receive top-tier Polish IT talent without excessive expense. Avail our services to enjoy the benefits of our expansive IT recruitment network and save significantly on your tech hiring costs.

Winged IT Staff Augmentation presents a highly competitive alternative to services from traditional software houses, and there are two key reasons for this.

Firstly, our margins are significantly lower than those software houses typically maintain. This is largely due to the fact that, unlike software houses, we do not need to keep a bench for periods when there are no projects in the company, making our operations leaner and more cost-effective which gives you the best offer.

Secondly, Winged IT usually works in a Time and Materials model. This significantly reduces the considerable workload associated with Fixed Price or Managed projects that require complex specification building, scope definition, and contract terms clarification. Instead, our specialists join your team almost like your own employees, so you can be very agile with the software development approach.

At Winged IT, we're firm believers in the power of agile project management, particularly when it comes to IT projects. We understand that having direct control over your team enables a more effective and faster-paced project progression. As such, we encourage our clients to manage the IT professionals we deliver. This approach not only fosters agility but also bypasses the often time-consuming phase of building scope that fixed-price projects require. With this strategy, you maintain greater control, ensuring that your project stays flexible and responsive to any changes or challenges that may arise. Ultimately, we aim to empower you, enabling your team to deliver better results quicker.

There is another aspect worth considering - the perspective of the IT professionals we source. From our experience, these individuals prefer direct management from the client. This arrangement sparks high team spirit and involvement in the project. IT professionals who feel like an integral part of the team are more likely to be dedicated and committed to the project's success. This is beneficial to our clients in both the short and long run. By fostering a work environment where every team member is valued and their contributions recognized, we bolster productivity and fuel innovation. This ultimately translates to improved project outcomes and overall business growth.

These three terms are often used interchangeably but they do have distinct differences. IT Outstaffing generally refers to when a vendor delivers a whole remote IT team for the client, taking responsibility for the recruitment, management, and overall operations of that team. IT Staff Augmentation, on the other hand, is when a vendor supplements your existing team with specific roles and skills you require, giving you more control over the team's operations while the vendor handles the recruitment and administration. IT Outsourcing is a much broader term; it can include both Outstaffing and Staff Augmentation, as well as the outsourcing of single projects at a fixed price. At Winged IT, we are flexible and adapt to your needs, offering both Outstaffing and Staff Augmentation services. However, we do not offer fixed-price projects, as our focus is on providing the best people from the market.