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    Struggling with IT Recruitment?

    Scaling up your software team and hiring the perfect candidates as a CTO, CEO, or HR Director can be difficult and overwhelming, especially when it requires navigating international hiring and finding a good company fit.

    That’s where we come in. As an expert IT recruitment agency from Poland, we understand the challenges you face. Our vast network of top-tier IT professionals and comprehensive understanding of the Polish IT market enable us to deliver the right talent for your specific needs.

    Our streamlined processes ensure quick, efficient hiring, mitigating the risk of missed opportunities, and our support doesn’t stop at recruitment — we help with onboarding and compliance issues, too. Partner with us to transform your recruitment challenges into opportunities for growth.

    What do you get? Our IT Recruitment Services Overview

    Scale your team fast, when you need to, and how much you need. With our tailored and rapid IT team recruitment, we ensure each addition perfectly fits your unique business needs and growth goals. We know how to recruit effectively and adjust the process to your needs.

    Fulfill your specific staffing needs with our comprehensive expertise in IT recruitment and leadership headhunting. Only the right hires, from Software Developers and DevOps, through Project Managers and Quality Assurance Specialists to team leaders and managers, quickly and effectively, whether within Poland or globally. We also recruit the best candidates from areas close to software engineering – such as Cybersecurity, Data Science, or Machine Learning.

    Reduce the risk of bad hires. Take advantage of assessing and trying action our IT specialists within your work environment, with the flexibility to fully onboard them after a successful probation period, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. You start in a contracting / staff augmentation model via Winged IT, and next, you can hire selected candidates that you value the most.

    You are looking for an international IT recruitment agency in Poland, but you are not sure about the job market, hiring process, or what to choose: permanent recruitment, body leasing, or team augmentation service? Contact us and get the best tips. We will advise you on the IT sector and recruitment in Poland and Central Europe.

    Our In-house Remote IT Team service allows you to build a strong, dedicated team of Polish developers without the need for physical relocation or creating a branch in Poland. We facilitate smooth integration and ongoing support, ensuring maximum productivity, communication, and collaboration. Benefit from Poland's renowned technical expertise while maintaining your operational flexibility.

    Open the doors to Poland's vast IT talent pool with our In-House Local IT Team Recruitment Service. We facilitate the seamless hiring of top Polish developers and aid in setting up your local subsidiary. From IT recruitment in Poland and administrative tasks to selecting the best location and finding the perfect office, we handle all aspects, letting you focus on your core business.

    As a technology-agnostic IT recruitment agency, we enable building of versatile teams with a wide range of technological expertise. From mainstream skills in testing, Python, and Java to niche areas such as Acumatica, Solidity, or AI development, our broad talent pool ensures that your company's diverse tech needs are met effectively.

    Our guarantees minimize your risk and make us one of the best recruitment agency in Poland:

    Absolutely no upfront costs:
    Experience our superior IT recruitment services without any initial investment. If we don’t succeed in finding the ideal candidate for your company, you owe us nothing. This risk-free approach ensures you only invest when you achieve tangible results.

    Three-month guarantee:
    We stand by the quality of our IT professionals. After hiring, we provide a three-month guarantee period. Should there be any mismatch, we restart the search for potential candidates at no extra cost to you. This guarantee ensures we are as invested in your success as you are.

    When to choose IT recruitment instead of outsourcing, team augmentation, or body leasing?

    Choosing IT recruitment over outsourcing, team augmentation, or body leasing becomes particularly crucial when your IT team forms the backbone of your business model. Suppose specific positions within your organization are responsible for building and maintaining your unique know-how and competitive edge. In that case, it’s imperative to have those roles filled with dedicated, in-house professionals.

    By choosing IT recruitment, you’re investing in staff fully integrated into your company culture and goals, fostering an environment of innovation, motivation, and growth. This approach minimizes the risk of intellectual property leakage and enhances your team’s synergy and collaboration, ultimately leading to superior business outcomes.

    When your IT team is integral to your business strategy, choosing IT recruitment over other options like outsourcing, team augmentation, or body leasing is essential. Here’s why:

    By recruiting dedicated IT professionals for in-house roles, you ensure your unique know-how and competitive edge stay within the confines of your organization. This approach significantly mitigates the risk of intellectual property leakage.

    IT recruitment allows for seamless integration of staff into your company culture and objectives. This not only fosters a conducive environment for innovation but also bolsters team synergy and collaborative efforts, ultimately driving superior business performance.

    Though IT recruitment might demand a higher initial investment compared to outsourcing, it often proves to be more cost-effective in the long run. By hiring dedicated professionals, you save on the recurring costs of outsourcing, which can escalate over time. Moreover, in-house teams have a better understanding of your business needs, which can lead to more efficient solutions and less wasted resources.

    When you recruit your own IT specialists, you maintain complete control over the staff, their work pace, and their priorities. This is especially important for projects that may require quick pivots or changes in scope. With an in-house team, you have the flexibility to adjust project timelines and goals as per your evolving business needs.

    An in-house IT team helps to build a stronger employer brand. When you demonstrate that you invest in permanent staff and their professional growth, you become more attractive to top talent. This strong employer brand will not only help in retaining your existing employees but also in attracting future tech talents.

    Maintaining a competitive advantage in the fast-paced IT sector is paramount. IT recruitment agencies from Poland, like ours, are instrumental in recruiting top-tier tech talents who can deliver innovative, business-specific solutions. We provide dedicated professionals who understand your business deeply and contribute to the development of proprietary software products and technologies. This creates a significant strategic advantage, especially in a tech-driven business landscape where innovation is key.

    "Winged IT recruited several dozen IT professionals and delivered tens of IT contractors for our projects as well as additional Project Manager and Lawyer for a required period of time according to our needs. They also helped us to rent 3 offices in Warsaw and resolve all legal, tax, and operational issues – including those related to the relocation of foreign workers to Poland."

    Why Choose Us

    Expertise in the Polish IT industry

    Since 2017, we have delivered thousands of candidates, mostly from Poland, but we are also efficient in other Central and Eastern European markets. We know this region thoroughly.

    Get help with administration, regulations, and legal aspects of hiring

    Our clients get help in IT recruitment services, but we also support you, consult or take away administrative, legal, regulations, operational, and real estate responsibilities.

    Speak your language about your needs — we understand you

    We helped over 50 clients from 4 continents to find the best and most affordable tech talents. We understand the needs of CXOs from tech companies, SMEs, fast-growing startups, and scale-ups.

    You get an IT recruitment service, but you will realize that you gain a reliable recruitment partner

    Our clients start with us with smaller and bigger projects, but all stay with us for a long time and get 360-degree support with talent management. As your situation changes, we adjust our service to your needs.

    Don't let recruitment slow you down. Attract top IT talent from Poland faster and more efficiently with our expert help.

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    How does our recruitment company work?

    How do you know that we are the right recruiting company for software engineers and tech talents search?

    At Winged IT, we have a proven eight-step IT recruitment process that ensures we provide the best tech talent to our clients:

    • Understanding your requirement:

      We begin with a comprehensive consultation with you, the client, where we thoroughly understand your business, culture, and specific HR needs. Our goal is to fully comprehend the technical requirements of the role and the soft skills needed to become an integrated part of your team.

    • Candidate sourcing:

      Our wide network, coupled with our strong social and online presence, allows us access to a large pool of both active and passive candidates. We leverage our partners (like Polish Tech Headhunters Link) and various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, job boards, and forums to source potential candidates.

    • Screening and evaluation:

      Once we have a list of potential candidates, we conduct an intense screening process. We reject about 50% of applicants after CV analysis and another 30% after our interviews, which include a thorough review of their past experiences, motivation, company culture fit, expectations, language proficiency, IT, and soft skills. We do not perform an in-depth technical test at this stage, focusing more on finding the right fit for your company.

    • Client presentation:

      We carefully select and present to you only the top 20% of candidates who have passed our rigorous screening process. We prepare a brief for each recommended candidate, and then You have the liberty to further test their technical abilities and conduct your own interviews to make your decisions.

    • Arranging an interview:

      We handle the time-consuming process of finding the best date and time slot for your managers and candidates. We book a meeting and help with all technical questions and logistics regarding the call.

    • Handing over the candidates to you:

      According to our experience with dozens of customers, the best practice is that the clients run a technical assessment and a second interview with the candidate. Thus, at this stage, we hand you over the best job candidates for your verification.

    • Negotiation support:

      Winged IT facilitates discussions with your preferred candidates who may be hesitant about accepting the offer, ensuring a mutually beneficial agreement.

    • Onboarding support:

      After you have made your choice, we continue to provide onboarding support to ensure the new hires integrate seamlessly into your team. We are committed to providing a smooth recruitment process and establishing long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

    • (Extra step):

      if needed, Winged IT helps with red tape work, relocation arrangements, etc.

    Who can you recruit with us?

    With our extensive network of polish developers and deep understanding of the it industry here and in Eastern Europe, you can rely on us to recruit a broad spectrum of tech talent from Poland. Whether you're looking for a single expert or building a dedicated team, we've got you covered. Here's a glimpse of the positions and technical skills you can fill through our IT recruitment agency:

    • Software Developers (Front-ends, Back-ends, Fullstacks)
    • Data Scientists, Data Analysts
    • Cybersecurity Consultants
    • AI & Big Data Experts
    • R&D Researchers
    • Aerospace & Robotics Professionals
    • Embedded Engineers
    • Cloud Engineers
    • Project Managers
    • Business Analysts
    • Testers and Quality Assurance Specialists

    Executive search

    When you have your technology stack covered, one of the most demanding parts comes into play. It's an executive search for people with knowledge of programming languages but also with soft skills, management, and team-building skills. We are here to help you to deliver qualified candidates for:

    • Team leaders
    • Managers
    • CxOs (for startups and new branches)

    Work with an IT Recruitment agency that knows your industry

    Our clients represent a long list of industries. Our cooperation is based on mutual understanding and dialogue, so it is almost certain that we understand your niche and business domain, and we will provide recruitment services that will solve your software development and IT challenges.

    • IT
    • Fintech
    • AI, VR, IoT
    • Gaming
    • eLearning
    • Aerospace
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Banking
    • Telecom
    • Media
    • Engineering
    • eCommerce
    • Internet
    • Robotics
    • Logistics
    • Online gambling
    • Energy

    Ready to discover the Polish IT talent pool? Get in touch with us today and let's start building your ideal team.

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    Flexible models of cooperation. Check our other services

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    You pay once a successful placement is made. We operate on a "success-only" basis, which means you incur a fee only when we successfully find a candidate that you accept. This model allows us to focus on providing you with the best possible candidates, and you can rest assured knowing that our interests are entirely aligned with yours. After all, our success is directly linked to finding the perfect match for your IT staffing needs.

    Winged IT operates on a success fee model. We firmly believe in the quality of our services, and our fees are only applicable once we have successfully placed a candidate within your organization. In other words, you only pay us once we have found the right IT specialist for your needs. Moreover, we stand by the quality of our candidates. Should any issues arise within the first three months of employment, we offer a guarantee period during which we will initiate a new search at no extra charge to you. This ensures that you get the best value and the right fit for your company while minimizing the risk associated with IT recruitment.

    Absolutely, Winged IT specializes in IT recruitment and can certainly assist you in hiring developers. Our fee structure is straightforward and transparent: we charge the equivalent of 17% of the annual salary for full-time employees or direct client's contractors, a fee equivalent to 42 man-days. This fee is only applicable once the candidate has been successfully employed or engaged on a B2B agreement directly by your organization. We also offer a 3-month guarantee. If any issues arise during the first three months of employment, we initiate a new search at no additional cost. Our pricing model and firm guarantee work hand-in-hand to ensure that you get the best value and the perfect fit for your IT needs while minimizing recruitment risks.

    Recruiting in Poland presents an outstanding opportunity for IT companies, startups, and CTOs. We will list some of the reasons:

    The country is renowned for its high-quality IT education, resulting in a pool of the best talent, innovative software developers, and other IT professionals.

    Polish IT specialists rank as top talent globally in terms of programming skills and delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

    Furthermore, Poland's strategic location in the heart of Europe, its competitive cost of living, and its adherence to EU standards and regulations make it an appealing destination for IT recruitment.

    Tax systems and local regulations create an attractive business environment for software companies to search for the best developers.

    Partnering with a dedicated Polish IT recruitment agency like ours can expedite your hiring process, mitigate recruitment risks, and ensure access to top-tier tech talent.

    Poland's labor law and regulations offer a unique advantage when it comes to software development contracts. The Polish law allows IT professionals to engage in B2B contracts if they are self-employed (sole traders). And the majority of senior software engineers and other Tech specialists in Poland today are already self-employed since, in this case, they pay lower taxes. Moreover, foreign companies may engage such Polish professionals without creating any legal entity in our country – signing a direct B2B agreement between the company registered anywhere in the World and a given Polish self-employed professional. Thus, a model of engaging Polish sole traders via direct B2B contracts is both flexible and beneficial for international companies. B2B contracts simplify contractual procedures which translates into streamlined hiring processes, reduced administrative burdens, and enhanced flexibility in terms of contract duration and work arrangements. Furthermore, B2B contracts often result in a win-win situation, with both parties enjoying tax benefits and the freedom to negotiate terms to suit their respective needs. This model of engagement also provides companies with easy access to a wide talent pool as it facilitates remote work, thereby breaking geographical barriers. Thus, international companies can leverage Polish IT recruitment agencies to tap into their thriving tech talent market, reaping the benefits of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and top-notch expertise.

    Indeed, at Winged IT, we usually do not perform technical assessments of the candidates. There are two main reasons for this strategy:

    1. Comprehension of company-specific technology: Every company utilizes a unique combination of technologies and tools specific to their projects and requirements. Your team leaders and CTOs have an in-depth understanding of the exact technical skills needed to excel in these particular environments. By leaving the technical assessments to the experts within your organization, we ensure that the candidates are being evaluated on the precise technical competencies that are relevant to your business needs.
    2. Understanding the cultural fit: Team leaders and CTOs are not only well-equipped to assess a candidate's technical competencies but also their potential cultural fit within the organization. They have an intimate understanding of the company culture, work ethics, and team dynamics. By conducting the technical assessments, they have the opportunity to evaluate the candidate's interpersonal skills, adaptability, and compatibility with the existing team, which are critical factors for long-term success in any role.

    Our recommendation is to partner with a specialized IT recruitment agency from Poland. This decision is backed by several significant advantages that come with local expertise. Firstly, smaller, specialized agencies like ours are known for their speed and flexibility, enabling a quicker response to market dynamics and any specific needs your company may have. We understand the Polish IT market, programmer preferences, and cultural nuances, enabling us to match your requirements with the perfect candidate.

    Whereas global agencies may concentrate on their biggest customers and also overlook the subtleties of local markets, we focus on these details to ensure a seamless recruitment process and a perfect fit. Moreover, we prioritize building deep relationships with local IT communities, which helps us access an extensive network of top-tier tech talents. Our knowledge of local employment law and B2B IT contracts in Poland further ensures a hassle-free hiring process, providing you with a competitive advantage. Choose to work with us, and you'll enjoy the benefits of a local, agile, and highly experienced IT recruitment agency.