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Welcome to the gateway to your successful IT recruitment market entry in Poland and the whole European Union

Welcome to the gateway to your successful IT recruitment market entry in Poland and the whole European Union.

With Winged IT, opening a company branch in Poland has never been more straightforward or effective. We offer comprehensive business, legal, and tax advisory services, ensuring that your foray into the Polish IT market is not only seamless but also a profitable investment.

Our one-stop solution guarantees top-tier tech talent recruitment, mitigating the risks of missed or poor hires and accelerating the hiring process. Let us be your reliable partner, supporting you in all critical aspects of establishing operations in Poland.

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The top 5 reasons why you should consider establishing a branch in Poland (EU) when recruiting Polish developers for your team:

  • Opportunities to explore the European Union and its market:

    Poland's EU membership grants access to a vast and diverse market, amplifying growth prospects.

  • R&D incentives and EU grants:

    The Polish government offers various incentives, to encourage technological advancement. At the same time, the European Union allows non-EU tech companies to get millions of euros in R&D grants if they create a branch in Poland.

  • Highly skilled workforce:

    Poland is renowned for its talented and educated IT specialists, recognized globally for their advanced technical abilities, problem-solving skills, and leading English proficiency.

  • Cost-effective:

    Poland offers competitive operational and labor costs, allowing for high-quality talent acquisition without exhaustive expenditure.

  • Strategic location:

    Positioned at the heart of Europe, Poland's strategic location facilitates easy coordination across multiple time zones.

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Winged IT, in conjunction with our distinguished partners who are leading specialists in their fields, is committed to ensuring your success in Poland. Our cross-functional expertise spans strategic recruitment, legal landscape navigation, and adept business advisory. Together, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Polish market, enabling us to effectively address your unique needs and challenges. Trust us to propel your venture towards success and prosperity in the thriving Polish IT sector.

Starting your IT company in Poland is simplified with our comprehensive guidance. Let us navigate the complexities of the Polish market, ensuring the swift and seamless establishment of your branch. With our support, enjoy access to top tech talent and growth opportunities in Poland.

Our team simplifies the process of company formation in Poland (European Union). We handle all legal, regulatory, and financial aspects, ensuring a smooth transition into the Polish IT market. We're your reliable partner, turning your Polish business interests into a successful reality.

Expanding your business to Poland, a hub for IT talent and a member of the EU, gives you access to a pool of skilled professionals and the advantages of the EU's unified regulations. However, to navigate the nuances of Polish law when setting up an entity or hiring freelancers, expert advice is crucial. Our team can swiftly guide you through this, ensuring a smooth entry into the Polish IT recruitment market. If needed, we can connect you with our network of affordable, reliable law firms familiar with both local and international regulations.

In the modern IT landscape, a remote workforce has emerged as a viable option, proven by Poland's seamless transition during the pandemic. Yet, choosing to concentrate your team in a single city has its own merits. From Warsaw to Krakow, we can guide you to the best locations amidst the intense talent competition and varying costs. With 23 top-notch technical universities across Poland, we're here to help you tap into this vast reservoir of IT professionals.

Deciding on the ideal workplace for your team is critical to your success. In Poland (EU), you're spoiled for choice, with opportunities ranging from co-working spaces and fully serviced offices to downtown skyscrapers and tranquil villas amidst lush greenery. We extend our expertise to connect you with reliable property owners, providing the perfect backdrop for your thriving IT operations.

Navigating Poland's unique IT landscape can be intimidating, but our expertise makes it simple. We offer tailored, free consultations on crucial aspects like IT job market trends, competition, and consumer preferences. Our distinctive market intelligence service compares the Polish IT sector with other regions globally, highlighting key differences that may impact your business. Need in-depth research? We've got you covered, ensuring your move into Poland's IT recruitment market is smooth and successful.

Our offering is built on the cornerstone of strong local connections, something essential for any company venturing into a new market. As you explore the IT recruitment market in Poland, we stand ready to introduce you to key players, institutions, and events. Through our network, we can help you navigate the local regulations, identify strategic partnerships, and even find reliable subcontractors or suppliers. Let us serve as your guide to successfully establishing your branch in Poland.

Optimizing your IT operations in Poland doesn't have to be a complex task. Let us shoulder the load as we provide comprehensive support, from hardware and software procurement to connectivity and office essentials. We also manage benefits, training, and team-building events to ensure a motivated workforce. With our industry expertise, we create an environment where your business can thrive. Trust us, taking your IT to Poland is a strategic move you'll appreciate!

Navigating a new tax system is crucial for foreign investors, and our seasoned tax advisors make it straightforward. We provide expert guidance on Poland's tax regulations, ensuring compliance and optimization. Our team takes care of every detail, so you can focus on your IT venture's growth. Trust us for effective tax management in your Polish branch.

Venturing into Poland's IT market? Take advantage of European funds where millions of euros are available for each R&D company registered in Poland! We guide you through the application process, ensuring compliance, maxing out the potential benefits, and driving your IT venture's growth with these lucrative funding options.

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We understand that every business has unique IT requirements. Whether you’re expanding your existing team or building a new one, our flexible recruitment solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. We offer IT In-house permanent recruitment, Executive Search and IT Staff Augmentation or IT Outsourcing. Furthermore, get an expert consultation to choose the model that best suits your current situation. And if your needs evolve, we are more than ready to adapt our cooperation accordingly.

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We offer guidance on IT outsourcing and staff augmentation while handling administrative, legal, and regulatory tasks, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

All the technologies you dream about

We're tech-neutral, delivering high-caliber professionals proficient in numerous technologies. Need AI, cloud, or data analysis specialists? We can rapidly enhance your team.

Speak your language — we understand you

With experience serving over 50 clients globally, we comprehend the requirements of tech corporations, SMEs, and rapidly expanding startups for quality yet cost-effective tech talents.

You get top service and gain a reliable Business Partner

Our clients, big or small, enjoy long-term partnerships with us, receiving comprehensive talent management support and flexible services tailored to their evolving needs.

Expertise in the Polish IT industry

Since 2017, we've been experts in the Polish IT market, with thousands of successful placements from Poland and Central/Eastern Europe. Moreover, we share our knowledge about the Polish IT sector on the dedicated website Do IT in Poland. Benefit from our regional insights.

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How does our recruitment company work?

How do you know that we are the right recruiting company for software engineers and tech talents’ search?

At our firm, Winged IT, we've established a robust, eight-stage IT recruitment strategy, ensuring our clients receive top-notch, industry-leading tech professionals:

Our process initiates an in-depth conversation with you, allowing us to gain a strong understanding of your company, its ethos, and unique staffing needs. We strive to fully comprehend not only the technical stipulations of the job but also the interpersonal skills necessary for seamless integration into your team.
Our network and strong digital footprint give us access to a broad spectrum of candidates, including those actively seeking roles and those who may be open to new opportunities. We utilize our strategic partnerships (like Polish Tech Headhunters Link) and a variety of platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, job boards, and online forums to identify and reach out to potential candidates.
Upon gathering a roster of potential candidates, we proceed to a rigorous assessment phase. About half of the applicants are eliminated after we evaluate their CVs, and an additional 30% are dropped following our comprehensive interviews. These interviews delve into their previous work history, motivations, compatibility with your company culture, expectations, language abilities, IT, and other soft skills. At this point, we prioritize identifying the most suitable match for your organization over conducting a detailed technical examination.
After our selection procedure, we introduce you to the Cream de la Creme – the top 20% of applicants who have successfully navigated our stringent screening process. For each proposed candidate, we provide a concise profile. Following this, you’re free to conduct your own technical evaluations and interviews to finalize your decisions.
We take charge of the laborious task of coordinating suitable schedules for both your hiring managers and the prospective candidates. This includes booking the meeting and addressing any technical details or logistics related to the call.
It’s important to note that it’s best practice for clients to conduct a technical evaluation and subsequent interviews with prospective hires. Hence, at this point, we transition the top candidates to you for further confirmation.

Winged IT steps in to mediate discussions with your chosen candidates who might be on the fence about accepting the offer, ensuring an agreement that benefits both parties.

Once you’ve made your selection, we extend our support during the onboarding process to ensure your new recruits blend effortlessly into your team. Our commitment is to a smooth recruitment procedure and building enduring partnerships with our clients.
If needed, Winged IT helps with red tape work, recolaction arrangement, etc.


In striving to attract the world's tech investors, Poland offers numerous tax incentives for IT companies. Some of the significant tax incentives include a competitive 9% corporate income tax for those who don’t generate >EUR 2 million in revenue in Poland, which is one of the lowest in Europe, allowing companies to retain and reinvest a larger share of their revenues.

Another significant benefit for IT professionals is a reduced 12% personal income tax (PIT) rate for software engineers and 8.5% - 15% for other IT professionals. This reduced rate helps attract top talent by offering a better net income position for specialists in the IT sector.

Further, companies and self-employed individuals in the IT sector can take advantage of a 5% IP Box tax rate reduction on income generated from intellectual property rights. This not only fosters innovation but also aids in the protection and monetization of intellectual property.

In addition to these, Poland offers an array of other tax incentives such as R&D tax relief, special economic zones providing tax exemptions, and a range of grants and subsidies. All these incentives make Poland an attractive destination for IT companies looking to establish or expand their operations.

Contact us to learn more about opportunities for your company regarding tax structure and IT talent recruitment.

Establishing a branch in Poland involves a series of steps, starting with choosing a suitable legal structure for your business. The most common form for foreign entities is a limited liability company. Once you've selected the legal form, you'll need to draft your company's articles of association, register your company with the National Court Register, and obtain a statistical number from the Central Statistical Office. If you have a board member with Polish residency, all this can be done online in just a few days. 

Next, you'll need to open a bank account in the company's name and, finally, register your company with the tax office and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). The process may seem daunting, but the good news is you don't have to do it alone.

At Winged IT, we can assist you throughout the entire process. Our services extend beyond just setting up your branch; we also provide comprehensive support in areas such as accounting, networking, and, most importantly, tech talent acquisition. Our deep understanding of the IT recruitment landscape in Poland positions us as your ideal partner in building and supporting your remote IT team. Contact us today, and let's get your branch up and running in Poland.

Poland, a member of the European Union, the Schengen Area, and NATO, provides geopolitical, legal, and economic stability, ensuring a secure operating environment for your business. Being in Poland grants your company unrestricted access to the entire European market, which comprises over 500 million consumers.

Moreover, the country boasts a high standard of living, with continuously improving public services and infrastructure. This has led to a population that is not only well-educated but also highly proficient in English, making communication efficient and effortless.

The stable economy of Poland, characterized by steady growth and a robust banking sector, provides an excellent backdrop for business expansion. With a GDP growth rate consistently outperforming the EU average, Poland provides a promising landscape for investment and business growth.

Particularly noteworthy is Poland's vibrant IT talent market. The country is renowned for its highly skilled IT professionals, produced by world-class universities and fueled by a strong culture of innovation. These professionals are adept at working in international settings and are known for their problem-solving prowess and technical expertise.

Finally, Poland's strategic location at the heart of Europe makes it an excellent logistical hub, offering easy connectivity to major European cities. With its combination of economic stability, access to markets, and top-tier IT talent, Poland is an ideal location for establishing your remote IT team.

Contact us to learn more about opportunities your company can leverage when entering the Polish market and establishing your presence here. Learn how Winged IT can help you with IT recruitment in Poland, IT Staff Augmentation, or Outstaffing.