We are pleased to announce that we have started recruitment in Poland in a new area – travel technology. Our new client is Holisto (formerly Splitty) – a tech-powered Online Travel Agency aiming to make hotel booking affordable and personalized for consumers using cutting-edge solutions related to artificial intelligence.

The company has grown by 460% in the last 3 years and is among the 50 fastest-growing US startups. Today, Holisto is a global player, having about 300 employees, including 40 in Israel, more than 200 in the Philippines (mainly call center), while the maintenance team is based in India. Recently, they made a strategic decision to create another development center and IT Team in Poland to develop more Holisto platforms (the company currently has five of them).

Holisto already has 9 first engineers in our country and wants to grow here quickly. Therefore, they decided to engage a reputable IT recruitment agency in Poland and recently chose Winged IT and our Israeli partner, 1XHUB. We already helped them to open their office in the Rondo 1 skyscraper on Rondo ONZ in Warsaw and started recruiting Senior React and Senior .NET Developers with strong startup experience. New positions should be available soon, so please check our current job openings! Let’s create the success of another great company in Poland together!