Yesterday we have had an opportunity to participate in PAIH EXPO 2018 – The First Trade & Invest Forum for Polish companies working abroad which was organized at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw.

Cooperation with international clients was always one of the main goals of our company.

By offering to our candidates a possibility to work in other countries we give them an opportunity to grow their career and at the same time to have an adventure and to explore the world.

During PAIH EXPO 2018 we have met many experts and partners and discussed plans of Winged IT development in many countries from different parts of the world.

In the nearest future, we will make the next steps towards the establishment of cooperation with new clients from such countries as USA, Canada, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and several others.

We would like to thank PAIH EXPO 2018 organizers for the brilliant idea and perfect preparation of the event which surely will help many Polish companies in their expansion on international markets.