The beginning of the year at Winged IT was associated with increased work on the implementation of the previously obtained grant within the Polish Technological Bridges. Without going into details yet, we can say that we have achieved a lot. Some of the results of PTB implementation will be announced soon on the occasion of Winged IT’s participation in Collision 2021 – it should be loud and very interesting!
At the same time, at the end of March, we signed an agreement with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development for another grant – this time it is Go to Brand. We received co-financing from European funds in the amount of over PLN 420 thousand PLN (over 90,000 Euro) for the promotion of Winged IT services around the world. Taking into account how much competition was among the companies applying for Go to Brand during the last PAED’s call for proposals, we are very happy that our application has been accepted! We also believe that the next grant will be an excellent support for Winged IT during its further expansion into foreign markets.
Even without additional financial support, Winged IT in previous years actively promoted itself on many foreign markets by regularly taking part in industry conferences and fairs. By the way, we always try to do well-deserved “good press” for the entire IT industry in Poland. Now, with additional financial support from both grants, we are going to do it with redoubled energy, and will be happy to inform you about other interesting events and activities!
Image credit: Pexels