Some of our colleagues from the Recruitment Team have just finished their participation in the ‘IT Recruiter Academy’.

Winged IT continuously works with the biggest IT talents and recruit the best candidates for very different IT positions.

Whichever position is discussed – Software Engineer, PMs, Analysts, Testers or other – speaking the same language with candidates is very important for all of us.

That’s why we enduringly invest in the development of our Team members skills.

This time we’ve increased the technical competencies of some of our employees who are usually responsible for contacts with candidates.

Thanks to Maciej Mazurek, who was able to lead the training greatly, many of our recruiters and researchers have received a lot of new information regarding the newest IT technologies.

We had also an opportunity to participate in useful practical exercises and at the same time – what is also important – to have a lot of fun together.

In the nearest future, we are going to use new skills in our everyday work!