We have the impression that after the crisis in 2020, everyone in the IT industry has stated that 2021 must be much better. At Winged IT, we have a similar attitude and already in the first quarter, there were a lot of positive things to mention.
During the first three months of the year, we signed several interesting cooperation agreements – including those with clients from the USA, Japan, Germany, and the UK. We have also started many new interesting projects with existing clients. What pleased us very much, many of them returned to us after several “silent” months, and some even after a break of several years – this was the case of companies from Finland, Israel, and Germany that work in the aerospace, IT, and consulting industries. We were also strongly focused on the implementation of key projects, started earlier – the greatest success was achieved in a project for a global pharmaceutical company that we deliver on 3 continents. As a consequence, in Q1 2021 we enlarged the Winged IT Team by another 15 people and helped many other IT professionals to start working directly for our clients.
As we informed earlier, we also devoted a lot of work to the implementation of the Polish Technology Bridges grant and got another one (Go to Brand). In addition, we took part in several interesting industry events – there were, among others “Warsaw-Chicago Innovation Bridge”, “NEXUS: ISRAEL Dealmakers Summit”, and “The 3rd Polish-British Business, Trade and Investment Forum” (where we were an exhibitor).
So a lot was happening, but we did not get absorbed only in business matters. In other fields, we also found time for nice activities – starting with yoga and horse riding and ending with being among the 1.3 % of the best rapid chess players in the world on chess.com ?. We are therefore optimistic about the next months and believe that 2021 will be a very successful year for Winged IT!
Image credit: Pexels