Today Winged IT’s CEO Wiktor Tarnawski together with other experts has participated in the discussion panel about the current status and the future of IT sector in Poland.

The panel was co-organized by Jagiellonian University (JU) and the Polish Information Processing Society (PIPS) with the aim to support scientific research regarding skills and competencies required from IT professionals.
In the panel discussion have participated representatives of JU, IT Industry Competence Council of PIPS, the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs, NGOs and several leading companies working on IT market.
During the meeting experts have actively discussed both up to date trends in our industry and the directions of future development.

The results of the planned research should stimulate ongoing innovation of the Polish IT industry and help IT specialists in their professional advancement.

Those results should also be very useful in terms of education plans’ preparation for thousands of students of the Polish technical high schools who will join IT labor market in upcoming years.
Thus, we believe that our participation in the event will contribute to the whole Polish IT industry development.
More information about the discussion panel (in Polish) at