After the September trip to Intergeo in Stuttgart, this week our envoys once more took part in a significant event for the Aerospace industry, in which Winged IT already cooperates with several European clients.

This time we had the chance to be a part of the Space Tech Expo located in Bremen, which is one of the leading centers for space travel in Europe. It has a rich history of aircraft design/construction and is the center of competence for space transportation, manned space flight, and space robotics.

During Space Tech, we have traditionally participated in B2B meetings, which we had several dozen, as well as at the conference. Flights from Australia to Europe in 90 minutes, plant breeding in space, capturing rockets mid-air and the return to the Moon within the next five years – these are just some of the hundreds of interesting topics that have been touched on during presentations and panels.
A great pleasure for us were also meetings – including those in the evening – with our current and future clients, partners and simply great people working in the aerospace industry.
The Next Space Tech is going to happen in a year and we will undoubtedly want to go back to Bremen!