The war in Ukraine, which has been going on for over a month just beyond Poland’s eastern border, has many tragic consequences. The number of Ukrainians who left their country after the invasion of Russia has exceeded 4 million. According to UN data, more than half of the refugees arrived in Poland. From the very first day of the war, the Polish government and, above all, Polish society make a huge effort to support the citizens of Ukraine. Among others, each of the employees of Winged IT and doITinPoland privately carries out humanitarian activities.

At the same time, we know that the war has directly impacted the IT industry both in Ukraine and worldwide. According to the study, as many as 61% of IT specialists in Ukraine had to leave their homes last month, and 14% are currently abroad. A vast number of companies with IT teams in Ukraine need to organize the legal work of their employees in Poland until the end of military actions, when these people have an opportunity to return to Ukraine safely.

In this area, Poles also offer their neighbors the greatest support. The Polish government implemented the Special Act on Assistance to Ukrainian Refugees, which allows them, among other things, to work legally and to set up a business (including sole proprietorship, popular among IT specialists). However, some restrictions on both sides of the border are also crucial for individuals and companies in the IT industry who want to find shelter in Poland. They include, e.g., the date of entry to Poland, the need to obtain a Polish PESEL number, or a ban on leaving Ukraine by the local authorities for men aged 18 – 60 years.

Knowledge of all these regulations, other Polish legal acts, as well as accounting and IT labor market realities in Poland, is crucial for people and companies in the IT industry who want to use the opportunities offered to Ukrainians by our country during the conflict.

With the appropriate knowledge and practical experience in this field, Winged IT and doITinPoland offer free support to all those who need information on the employment of IT specialists from Ukraine in Poland or setting up a business in the current situation. Feel free to contact us via our contact forms and social media. Due to the great interest in the topic, we apologize for any delays in answering, but we declare that we will do everything possible to help everyone!