Normally, in previous years at this time, we traveled a lot taking part in interesting conferences and fairs in various countries. This year, as we all know, is quite different. Just like everyone else, we have had enough of isolation and we miss the meetings with our colleagues, partners, new clients, and simply nice people.

Fortunately, many events are currently taking place in remote mode and over the course of the past week our co-owners Anna and Wiktor took part in 4 virtual conferences. Those were “Innovation in Environment & Energy & Circular Economy”, “Brokerage Event: boosting technology transfer in Central Europe”, “Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020” and “Corporate Day 2020”.

Each of those events had its own specificity and was packed with engaging speeches, however, for us, the virtual meetings with potential partners from around the world held the greatest value.

It was great to learn that in Japan, Polish IT specialists are consistently renowned, Israel is still planning to invest in our country and to take part in EU development programs, while in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Spain startups are focused on further development and still value networking and interpersonal relationships. We have also found out that in Qatar the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius, it was snowing last week in Quebec, while on the other side of Canada, in British Columbia, people avidly travel to Central Europe and love its inhabitants. As well as that, in the United States and Italy, people do not lose their optimism, continue to support each other, and are already planning things to do after the quarantine is over.

That is why we sincerely look forward to participating in these events, and above all to the fact that people from different countries, despite all difficulties, are friendly, open to others and willing to help – not just in business. We do miss the traveling, personal meetings, and our “global village”, but we are also sure that the isolation will end eventually. We are thankful to all the new friends we have met and are saying “see you” as we believe that such a possibility will arise soon!