Poland, next to Finland at 7.7 out of 10, and Austria at 7.9, have the second-highest level of life satisfaction among EU members, according to recent Eurostat data. Remarkably, Polish youth report the greatest level of happiness (8.1) among the EU youth.

Poland’s upward trend from a 7.5 satisfaction score in 2021 is evident in the poll results for 2022. Eurostat highlights Poland’s high level of satisfaction in spite of its lower historical earnings, emphasizing the complex relationship between subjective well-being and economic welfare. Poland’s rise in the EU’s household material wealth index, which saw it surpass Spain last year, highlights the country’s fast economic and social progress over the past 20 years.

In terms of life satisfaction, Poland stands out, especially for young people, having the highest level of fulfillment among EU 16- to 29-year-olds. The country’s vibrant tech sector and conducive environment make it an attractive destination for individuals seeking rewarding careers in IT. This positive trend is not only reflective of overall well-being but also extends to the professional realm, including the field of IT recruitment. Education is found to be a key determinant; Poles with post-secondary degrees reported the highest level of satisfaction (8.0), followed by those with upper/post-secondary education (7.6) and lower secondary/primary education (7.2). Additionally, gender disparities are insignificant, with Polish men scoring 7.6 and women scoring 7.7, slightly higher.

Poland performs exceptionally well in the EU life satisfaction index, especially for young people. The country’s rising trajectory and durability in satisfaction levels highlight its favorable standing and highlight the fascinating interaction between economic progress and well-being. Furthermore, for businesses looking to expand, Poland’s conducive environment extends to the establishment of IT branches. Opening a company’s IT branch in Poland not only taps into the country’s flourishing tech landscape but also provides a conducive setting for employees, aligning with the overall positive trend in life satisfaction.

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