We are more and more recognizable overseas! First, in May, Ryan Strategic Advisory from Montreal has published an article with the meaningful title Human Capital at the Heart of Poland’s IT Value Proposition. Its author, Peter Ryan, draws attention to the benefits and additional opportunities that foreign companies gain by cooperating with Poland in the IT area.

Particular attention in the publication is directed to Winged IT. We are indicated as an example of the success of a Polish company on the global market. Our comprehensive range of services is also noted, since it allows international clients, depending on their preferences, to hire Polish IT specialists, use outsourcing or set up the client’s own IT branch in Poland. As the author of the article states, “this progressive approach to IT service management reflects the desire of today’s enterprises to work with providers that are adaptable to changing needs.”

While today, Lynda Arsenault from FDI Business Diplomacy on her Linkedin introduces the profiles of Winged IT’s co-owners Anna Stolarz and Wiktor Tarnawski. Anna and Wiktor have proudly represented us in the international arena for years, and thanks to their contacts, today we work with clients from almost 20 countries on 4 continents. However, behind the achievements of Winged IT has always been our entire fantastic team, in which everyone has their essential contribution to the company’s development. We want to stick to it, and together we can achieve many more successes worldwide!