Microsoft’s President, Brad Smith, encourages global tech firms to consider Poland for business growth, envisioning it as an “AI Valley” and a leader in artificial intelligence.

Addressing the Polish newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Smith highlighted:  “For tech investors, this is the place to grow your business. Poland is a large country with highly qualified workers. People are innovative and work hard. There are development opportunities here.”

Despite geopolitical concerns, Smith underscored Poland’s pivotal role as a tech hub and a strong NATO ally supporting Ukraine. Discussions with Prime Minister Tusk focused on enhancing cybersecurity amid escalating cyber threats. Smith emphasized Poland’s readiness to benefit from AI advancements in its robust tech and manufacturing sectors, citing examples like Mercedes-Benz and Visa’s investments in AI innovation involving top tech teams from Poland.

Microsoft, with a longstanding presence since the 1990s, has intensified its investments in Poland, including a significant $1 billion plan and the establishment of a new data center in Warsaw. These initiatives highlight Microsoft’s dedication to promoting technological innovation and IT hiring within Poland’s dynamic tech environment. Smith emphasized that the investment is fueled by the opportunity to collaborate with people keen on innovation and technology adoption, positioning Poland as an attractive investment location.

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Image credit: Pixabay