It was great to participate yesterday at the “Luxembourg-Poland Partnership in Space Business” conference at the Embassy of The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Poland in Warsaw.
The aim of the conference was to review the state of bilateral cooperation and to bring together companies and experts from the space industry, as well as from the finance and public sectors from Luxembourg, Poland, and several other countries.

Welcome speeches were given by Polish Development Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz and Luxembourg’s Deputy PM and Economy Minister Etienne Schneider who next agreed on enhanced cooperation in their space activities and signed the appropriate memorandum.

Winged IT’s representatives had a chance to listen to presentations and panel discussions provided by experts who came to Warsaw from Poland, Luxembourg, Germany, and the USA. We’ve also discussed cooperation opportunities with colleagues from different companies during coffee brakes and networking lunch which was very useful taking into account our plans of further development of Winged IT offer for clients from the Aerospace industry.
More about two countries’ collaboration in space in the recent Luxembourg Times’s article:
Photo: MECO / Luxembourg Times