While building Winged IT’s strategy in 2017, we decided to concentrate during the first 2 years mainly on our development in those countries where we have had good business contacts. Thus, we have started cooperation with dozens of clients from Germany, France, Japan, Israel, Finland, Malta, Luxembourg, and many other countries. As a startup, we determined to postpone an advancement in Northern America until 2020 when we supposed to gain a better position on the international market.

And next came COVID. All projects related to the relocation of high-skilled employees were suspended and many clients just stopped both recruiting and contracting. Not the best time to approach new markets where you don’t have any references, right? However, we don’t like changing our plans and we are very strong-willed here at Winged IT ?

Thus, we are happy to announce that recently there were 2 important events related to our development in Canada.

In September we were awarded a grant from the Polish Investment and Trade Agency within the Polish Tech Bridges program. That grant will allow us to assign a significant budget to Winged IT’s business development on the Canadian market. While earlier in August we’ve signed our first contract with the client from Ontario for remote SW development from Poland.

It has been initially planned as trial cooperation for 2 months, but we already know that it is going to be prolonged soon.

So we are happy to say ‘Hello Canada’ and look forward to working with new clients from the Land of Maple Leaf. We also believe that it is just an outset of our adventure in Northern America – something we’ve planned from the very beginning!