Just a few months after the start, we have already achieved success in Poland and internationally. So far, we have signed contracts and commenced projects in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and USA.

Since the very beginning, one of the greatest ambitions of Winged IT has been to operate internationally. Why? Frist of all, our neighbors, right beyond the eastern border, are some of the best IT specialists in the world. Services they provide both in Europe and other regions have been increasingly popular among Employers and Clients for years. Secondly, participation in international projects is compelling for the Candidates themselves – working abroad means to have opportunities to gain experience and to develop new competencies while travelling and exploring new places. Last but not least, our team has always been keen on cooperating with international Clients and we wish to utilize our skills and contacts we have gained in the future.

We are working on widening the network of contacts in new countries.

We do not intend to stop; therefore, we are involved in intensive negotiations with new international clients – both in Europe and in other more distant locations. We know that development of international cooperation will bring many benefits both to our Clients and Candidates, that is why we shall work on the international expansion with double energy.