All of us at Winged IT like to gain new knowledge and use it in our work. This is especially true for some of our employees, but that’s not what we wanted to write about 🙂 Recently, we had the opportunity to hold another two-day workshop – this time in the area of Digital Marketing.

We are a company in which we have always attached the greatest importance to human relations and in them to traditional forms of communication – such as conversation. For this reason, although we tried to follow trends related to digital communication, we were not always good at this field. Wanting to improve our recruiting skills daily, other things were not within our focus. We know, however, that this is a significant area, especially nowadays, and therefore decided that it is worth learning from the best.

The workshop was conducted for us by Marcin Małaszuk from GrowMy.Tech and he did it so well that we plan to develop cooperation with Marcin in the coming months and maybe even years. We learned many new things and know how much we have to do to get closer to the best in Digital Marketing. An additional pleasure for us was conducting the workshop in comfortable conditions in a unique place – PGE Narodowy, where the Warsaw office of Winged IT was located for years. Thanks again, Marcin, for a great job!