At Winged IT, Christmas rang in with a celebration, that brought our team from Warsaw, Katowice, and many other cities together. We all dived into a fun cooking workshop, crafting cherished Polish Christmas dishes, laughing, and building connections. While we missed quite a few of our beloved colleagues, who were unable to join the event due to winter colds, but their spirits accompanied us in celebrating.

Our CEO’s heartfelt gratitude resonated through the event, acknowledging the dedication that drives Winged IT’s success. Guided by skilled chefs, our culinary journey went hand in hand with shared experiences and joy.

This festive gathering embodies the values of Winged IT: encouraging unity, embracing open-mindedness, and balancing hard work and fun together. It was a bonding time of exchange and connection, that showed what Winged IT is all about.

To our clients, partners, and future acquaintances: Merry Christmas and warm wishes for the season! Here’s to a fantastic year ahead filled with shared successes and wonderful connections.
As we wrap up the year, these Christmas memories will stick around as a reminder of Winged IT’s culture of togetherness and joy!