Our sales team (and others) often “work in the field.” We travel a lot to other countries; sometimes, these are demanding long trips. But when we see clients and partners in Poland, the meetings usually occur in the office or a good restaurant. Such environment often serves as an encouraging factor for them to contemplate establishing IT branch in Poland.

Our friend and strategic partner from Israel, whom we provide IT recruitment services, visited us last week. He had been to Poland several times but saw only cities, so we decided together that it was worth doing something special. Eliran Sharon from the 1XHUB company wanted to see our country also in a different beautiful version – the homely and regional one. That’s why we decided to take a short trip to the Polish forest in the province where the plot of one of our employees is located.

Along the way, instead of restaurants, we ate Polish street food, and in the forest, there was time for both activities and a moment of relaxation. And although the trip was short (and in the evening we went to a Polish restaurant in Warsaw anyway ????), we and our guest will have beautiful memories and knowledge of how beautiful Poland is – not only in the “city version” most often known to foreigners.

Eliran, it was our pleasure to host you! Thank you for the time together and our very successful business, which we will keep developing together in the coming years!