Pulawy-based eGabinet, a Polish startup dedicated to improving healthcare delivery, has successfully closed a €548k round of financing led by business angels. The fresh capital will be used to expand the platform’s functionality and provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of doctors, clinic owners, and most importantly, patients.

The multifunctional platform developed by the company is gaining increasing interest from medical facilities and recognition from doctors, as evidenced by the doubling of the customer base in the last twelve months.This success not only highlights the platform’s effectiveness but also underscores the need for robust IT hiring to meet the escalating demands of this expanding user base. “Our goal was to develop user-friendly and simple software that allows medical facilities to fully manage patient appointments and their documentation, thereby significantly facilitating the work of doctors and medical staff. eGabinet software, based on cloud technology, enables almost instant access to data and patient history” – says Piotr Strychalski, CEO of eGabinet.

Poland, known for its burgeoning technological advancements, has witnessed a transformation in its healthcare sector. Slowly but surely, the tedious registration process, long lineups, and need to provide all necessary papers are going away. Patients today benefit from a number of advancements and conveniences brought about by technological advancements, including digital referrals, electronic prescriptions, and online appointment scheduling.

Convenience and time-saving are sought after not only by patients but also by doctors and medical facility owners. Adapting to the evolving needs of the market, the company has expanded its capabilities, allowing clinics and medical centers to manage appointments and patient care more effectively and comprehensively.In parallel to these advancements, Poland’s dynamic tech landscape offers an enticing opportunity for businesses looking to expand, including opening company branch in Poland.

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Image credit: Pexels.