The Varso Tower in Warsaw, which is now the tallest building in the EU, has become home to the leading Content Cloud Box, Inc.’s new Research and Development facility, marking a significant step in Poland’s growing appeal to global companies.

Having established a presence in Poland in 2020, Box has since employed over 300 individuals, particularly emphasizing technical roles. Box’s choice to establish its R&D center in Varso Tower highlights Poland’s emerging reputation for technical expertise in various fields like engineering, design, information security, finance, and people operations. Additionally, Box’s engagement with local talent extends to IT hiring, with collaborations on designing the ten floors of Varso Tower reflecting an acknowledgment of Poland’s rich cultural heritage.

Thierry Chassaing, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Box, highlighted the significance of Poland in Box’s global operations, stating, “Our thriving engineering teams in Poland play a pivotal role in Box’s product roadmap and strategic growth. The opening of Varso Tower marks a new chapter for us in Poland, establishing our largest Research and Development site outside our California headquarters.” Rafal Szczepanski, Senior Director, Engineering and Site Leader in Poland pointed out: “We look forward to continuing to hire exceptional and diverse talent in Poland, putting our positive culture at the forefront of everything we do.”

This move demonstrates Poland’s increasing attractiveness for international companies seeking to leverage the country’s strengths and establish IT teams in Poland. Varso Tower, offering picturesque views of Warsaw, showcases the country’s commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration.

Image credit: Unsplash