The well-known enterprise work management platform Asana has revealed its most recent accomplishment, a brand-new office located in the lively capital of Warsaw, Poland, as part of an effort to broaden its worldwide reach. This strategic move marks Asana’s 13th global office and represents a pivotal step in solidifying its presence within the dynamic EMEA region.

The Wolf Marszałkowska building, settled in Warsaw’s city center, will serve as the heart of Asana’s operations in Poland. The office will home to a versatile team dedicated to developing integrations between Asana’s platform and various enterprise solutions. Roles encompassing engineering, enterprise technology, security, and technical user operations will constitute this dynamic workforce. It has also started scouting for Tech Team in Poland acknowledging the strategic significance of IT augmentation in providing valuable support for Asana’s engineering and product management operations.

Head of Engineering & Product Management Operations at Asana Ryan Atkins, who noted Poland’s quick rise to prominence as a crucial hub for innovation in Europe, was very passionate about company’s entry into the country. “We’re excited about the opportunity to bring Asana to this vibrant region,” Atkins commented.

Highlighting recent developments in the EMEA market, Asana’s entry into Poland strengthens the company’s growing customer base in the area. Prominently, the company has sealed deals, further driving its growth trajectory.

Image credit: Asana