As always, a lot is happening in autumn (if COVID allows us to do so). Winged IT travels a lot around the world to keep up to date, promotes Poland, talks to interesting people and wins new contracts. And of course, to have fun, eat well, and admire the sights! ? These last things – with all due respect to other parts of the world – we like to do best in good old Europe, which we naturally love the most.

So, last week we couldn’t miss the Web Summit in Lisbon. From the city of yellow trams and delicious sardines, we traditionally bring new ideas and new projects to be implemented. Whereas next week we are going to Slush in Helsinki. We have dozens of meetings already arranged in the capital of Finland, and the next ones will certainly take place at the Polish national stand where we will work. Traditionally, we will be happy to describe what superpowers of Polish IT specialists can be expected by foreign companies that will decide to open a company branch in our country with our support! Thus, if you are going to Slush, please let us know, and let’s meet there!